19 August 2005

University vs Trade

This is a short one.

Dear Prime Minister,
Why, oh why, oh why, MUST everyone go to University? When its 4 o'clock in the morning, pissing rain and there is a hole in my roof caused by, I don't know, de-orbiting Branson-craft, I do not need a Media Studies graduate. I need someone qualified to fix my shagging roof!

Not everyone in the country, even if it is steered1 by New Labour, a) knows what they want to do after school and b) has the ability or finances to complete a degree.
So, why force more people to go to university if they don't want to or won't make it? All that's happening is that you've got people part-qualified in something completely useless to the world with thousands of pounds in debt! It's basically a stealth tax.

Let the people who probably won't make it though (and let's face it, a significant proportion don't, regardless of their class, or brains, or finances) go do something useful, because I guarantee they're far more likely to get a job and get paid WAY more money being a plumber or a electrician.

So if you're undecided about higher education, DON'T throw two years and several grand down the toilet. Become a plumber. You'll be living in a four bedroom house inside two years.

1 I use "steered" in the biblical sense. What does that mean anyway?

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  1. Turns out "in the biblical sense" broadly means "f*cked". So I did use it correctly.