19 August 2005

Men vs Women

There has been a lot made recently of whether men still have the upper hand over women, or whether men are being devalued as women take a more dominant role in society. Most notably, Michael Buerk, newsreader and presenter of Police! Stop! Bang! Ouch!, has rather rashly gone public and whinged that women getting all the top jobs in unfair.

Since men have had the top jobs for ages, we can't complain if women get their share. I'm all for a meritocracy where people succeed based on how good they are. However, there are concerns that the pendulum is swinging a bit too far in women's favour and we're heading towards where we were a few decades back, except with the roles reversed. It'll be The Two Ronnies' "The Worm That Turned" come to pass.

Women should have the same rights as men and should be given equal opportunities as men. That's not up for discussion. However, what society has overlooked is that, even when men were in all the top jobs, women ruled the world. Whoever said "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world" was spot on. Everyone in the world, regardless of anything, has a mother who, in most cases, is the biggest influence in how people turn out.

It's instinct. Just because we don't run around naked, sniffing each other and hitting each other with sticks, doesn't mean we're not still driven by the same basic urges as every other creature on the planet, the thrust of which is "propogate your genes".

That's a bit of a tangent, and a separate post for a rainy day. My point is that one half of the planet should be able to do what they want without it having to come at the expense of the other.

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