04 November 2005

Relax, France. It's not a Race.

In an unprecedented show of entente cordial, the French have decided to stand together with the United Kingdom and have race-related rioting of their own. Typically, being French and not wanting to be overshadowed by les ros bifs, their rioting has now spread outside Paris and is affecting Dijon, Rouen and Marseilles.

The catalyst for the French rioting is similar to that in Britain, in as much as it is being perpetuated by rumour1. The Birmingham riots were supposedly started by a rumour of the rape of an Afro-Carribean girl by two Asian men. The French riots started from rumours that two black youths had been shot by Police.

Race-related violence is going to be the Great Battle of our time, at least in Europe. The World stage is reasonably quiet. There is no all-encompassing War on the horizon. Capitalism is taming India and China, the only countries who could give America pause. The next World War will not be about Politics, but Race.

Having a very quick think, it seems that it is Caucasian-ethnic countries that have, or are likely to have, racial tension, due to the immigration of people looking for the brighter future that Caucasian-ethnic countries, which are all First World countries, provide. It is, therefore, tempting to think that this is a problem caused by Caucasian peoples. However, it is precisely that divisive, racial thinking that is the root of the problem.

The next thought is that different races of sentient beings cannot peacefully coexist. Consider the squirrel. Grey squirrels introduced to Britain do not live happily alongside their smaller, indigenous Red cousins, which is why Red squirrel numbers are so low. I'm not suggesting that Humans and squirrels share the same inability to tolerate difference, more that it is not a given that branches within a species can coexist harmoniously.

The UK has no great animosity towards the Scandanavian nations, whose hordes invaded Britain willy-nilly hundreds of years before the name "Britain" was even coined. That's because we look like them; their traits of blond and red hair (OK, some animosity) are now our traits.

This all happened over 1000 years ago. We can never know how long it was before the Britons stopping being angry about being given ginger hair, but chances are it was a few centuries. And it will take that long before racial tension ceases.

There's a reason why when you mix all the paints together you get brown. And we're stuck with racial violence until that applies to us.

1 I realise that I am perpetuating these rumours. So please take them as pure rumour and don't use them as a catalyst for global racial meltdown. That's like glacial meltdown, only warmer.

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