23 November 2005

Getting the Brush Off - Day 2

Welcome back to Day 2 of "Safety in The Workplace - What Not To Do". Those of you have followed this real-life tale of danger and excitement since yesterday are no doubt anxious to hear more about "Bob" and "Geoff", and whether they survived Day 1.

Geoff is wearing what I assume is a faux-Burberry scarf.

Someone has obviously complained since yesterday. Bob is no longer shackled to Geoff. Geoff's chance to take Bob down has passed. He doesn't look too thrilled about it either.

There has been a noise all this morning which sounded like a motorbike race populated with very small motorbikes. Turns out they're trimming the hedges below where Geoff and Bob are working.

I'm reminded of Tarzan swinging over a river, just avoiding the snapping jaws of crocodiles. Maybe Bob and Geoff's appreciation of more traditional dangers, as mentioned yesterday, has prompted the improvement in safety.

The guys trimming the hedges are wearing hardhats though. Not that they'd do much good: Geoff isn't a lightweight.

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  1. Thank you!

    That entertained me so much I almost forgot I was at work!

    Dear God thank you!