08 January 2008

Of real and frightening things

Let's just get something straight here.

"You" is a word. "U" is a letter. It is a component letter of the word "You", but does not actually take the place of the word "You". This is because, if you remember from earlier in this paragraph, that "U" is a letter and not infact a word.

These are established facts.

I accept that language evolves and changes. I just maintain that such change should be brought about by a survival imperative or need, not laziness - a point I have laboured over before.

Now that the UK education authorities are happy to accept letters in place of words, and even alphanumeric sequences that grind my brain to a halt in an attempt to parse, I fear.

I fear for the younger generations and how stunted their minds must be, or at least becoming. English is no longer mandatory. The merest glimpse of understanding from their text-speak programmed fingers is enough to gain them an education that will see some of them one day gain places of real and frightening power.

By extension then, I also fear for the generations that follow, because it is today's maleducated kids who, having installed themselves in the upper echelons, will one day steer these future progeny on their educational course to a similar level as their own.

And when I write a letter to complain, they won't understand.

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  1. I would, I fear, be derelict in my duty as a Guardian of that which we Hold Dear if I did not point out that "infact" is not, in fact, a word either. Apologies if this was intentional, but I suspect not. Your intentional jokes have traditionally been funnier. Note not "funny" per se, just funnier than things that are not jokes.